Public gathering by the leadership board of Farah Higher Education Institute to clean the hall of this institution!

Thu, May 11 2023 3:53 PM

Yesterday , on 2/17/1402, a public gathering was held under the leadership of Mr. Maulavi Samiullah Ahmadi, the Chancellor of Farah Higher Education Institute. In this group work, which had not only the health and cleanliness aspect of the environment; rather, from a spiritual point of view, it will also have an afterlife reward. In this campaign, Mr. Ahmadi Sahib, respected deputy chancellors, heads of faculties, professors and a group of students and employees played a prominent role and practically worked for the cleanliness of the university campus. Also, the purpose of launching this campaign was to keep the flower parks, sidewalks and in general clean of all kinds of obstacles that harmed the growth of trees and flowers.
Ahmadi Sahib emphasized on the principle of ethics and respect for the purity of the city, family and place of living and especially education, and guided all staffs to participate in this popular work and play their part towards the society, and as a result, all the staffs of this institution, worked together to do this holy job.

 Culturel and Publications Committee 

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د فراه لوړو زدکړو مؤسسې څلورو کادري بستونو ته نوي غړي ور وپېژندل شول.

۲۴/جمادی الثاني/۱۴۴۵
 ۱۶/مرغومی/ ۱۴۰۲
د فراه د لوړو زدکړو مؤسسې د کنفرانسونو په تالار کې د دې پوهنتون دوو پوهنځيو او دوو آمریتونو ته د تازه ګمارل شویو رئیسانو او آمرین د پېژندنې په پار. . .