Opening of Bunser Farahi hut!

Thu, May 11 2023 3:30 PM

On 20, 2, 1402, Bunasr Farahi Kolbah, which was  written by the Cultural Committee of Dari Language and Literature Department, was officially opened. _ The opening ceremony began with the recitation of several verses from the Holy Quran, by Qari Ferdous, a student of the fourth grade of Dari Department. 
Then it was opened by  Mawlavi Samiullah Ahmadi, the Chancellor of Farah Higher Education Institute and the leadership board. Mr. Ahmadi evaluated this step positively and emphasized that we should appreciate prominent and global personalities and be diligent to preserve our ancient works and let others know that Afghanistan is the center of civilization and culture, not a place of war.
The contents published in this journal reflect the historical and lasting image of Farah Province, such as:  Feridoun Shah City, Lash Jovin Castle, or Spaid Dezh, Kafir Qala and Nodeh Citadel... the name of Farah is associated with these works. On the other hand, the author of Nisab al-Sabiyan (Sheikh Abu Nasr), and  Ata Malek Jovini, and other elders of this region were introduced. All the contents of Bunasr  are from reliable sources, and the principle of trustworthiness has been observed in the preparation of the contents.

 Culturel and Publications Committee 

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Tue, Mar 12 2024 4:26 AM
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Farah Institute of Higher Education distributed its justice and fairness brochure

Farah Institute of Higher Education distributed its justice and Fairness brochure to students, administrative staffs and teachers of this Institute. Knowledge of justice and fairness. . .

Tue, Mar 12 2024 4:16 AM
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Farah Institute of Higher Education presented its strategic plan

Today on 1st of Ramadan 1445 Farah Institute of Higher Education presented its (1402 - 1407) strategic plan which was confirmed by the Ministry of Higher Education to leadership board,. . .

Sat, Jan 06 2024 9:55 PM
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د فراه لوړو زدکړو مؤسسې څلورو کادري بستونو ته نوي غړي ور وپېژندل شول.

۲۴/جمادی الثاني/۱۴۴۵
 ۱۶/مرغومی/ ۱۴۰۲
د فراه د لوړو زدکړو مؤسسې د کنفرانسونو په تالار کې د دې پوهنتون دوو پوهنځيو او دوو آمریتونو ته د تازه ګمارل شویو رئیسانو او آمرین د پېژندنې په پار. . .